My name is Marek Plichta and I am based in Berlin. I do Design, Art Direction and 2D Art/Animation for playful media professionally since 2009 ✏.

I was a game designer and the sole visual artist for indie games Future Unfolding, Spirits, and Ordnungswissenschaft. I was also teaching courses in game design and interactive comics at the design departments of the Universities in Potsdam and Hamburg, Germany. I graduated in Interaction Design and enjoy tinkering with (new) technologies to develop novel aesthetics and emotional experiences.

When I am not working I enjoy practicing Movement (culture) πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ and to sit still on my butt 🧘 daily.

Have a look at my Twitter or Instagram feed to see what else I like. You can get in touch via email here.